Finding Ritual and Sanctuary During Quarantine

Most of us have found ourselves in quarantine at one point or another in recent days. When presented with the idea of required isolation, we may begin perceiving our homes as confinement rather than sanctuary. As designers, we strive to create shelter and sanctuary in the home. How can we reinforce these concepts during times of quarantine? I believe taking time for mindfulness and ritual can help.


Taking time to bathe will add some relaxation and intention during our quarantine. We find ourselves with more time on our hands, and self-care can go a long way. Take this time to light a candle and add aromatherapy to your routine. Use natural or dimmed lights to ease stress.


Find a quiet and unused corner of your home to set up a spot to focus on breath. Use a favorite cushion or pillow for comfort. Even 10 minutes of meditation a day can affect your mental and physical well-being.

Hopefully, this time of quarantine and isolation won’t last too much longer. In the meantime, perhaps we can find some solace in the interiors of our bodies and home.

Meal preparation and dining

During the chaos of our day to day lives, we often rush through our meals and food preparation. In quarantine, pick a meal each day to prepare with care. If your quarantine allows, enjoy extended time together at the table with your partner or family. If it does not allow, find peace in a quiet meal alone. Take the time to savor the blessing of nourishment.