Montana Minimalism

Our Process

This Montana retreat maximizes views of the majestic mountains and expansive sky that has become the synonymous in this rugged Western state. The minimal and contemporary style of the architecture boasts floor to ceiling windows amidst the structural forms that cantilever over the hillside site. Clean lines do not sacrifice warmth. The composition of textured stone walls, walnut cabinetry and white oak floors balance and contrast with the expanses of steel and glass. A central “spine” in the home is clad in linear cut stone and serves as an architectural axis. The stone wall becomes an interior feature in each room, adding texture and warmth. A carefully designed lighting systems grazes the stone with light for added interest. 

The furnishings and stylings are intentionally restrained. Each piece of furniture is a thoughtful decision to complement the interior finishes and architectural form. The color palette reflects the natural surroundings: subtle earth tones, muted colors and refined patterns. Silk floor coverings and woolen fabrics soften the harder lines of the interior fixed finishes. Natural light floods the space and soft lighting adds glow. The overall composition creates a zen, calming effect. The uncluttered, simplicity of design naturally draws one to nature beyond: minimalism at its best.  

This is a 6000 square foot home in Big Sky, Montana. The home includes 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, an office, a bar and rec room as well as spacious exterior dining and living areas.  

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