Lively Haus

Our Process

Nestled in a community of mountain townhomes, the design of the Lively Haus dares to be different. The overall palette glows ethereal. Moments of color and sparkle remind us of the true purpose of this Montana home: to laugh, to shine, to play. The young family who calls Lively Haus their home come here to escape the fast pace of Urban life. Indeed, time skips a beat upon entering this space which softly balances texture, color and pattern. The home layers sophistication with recreation and reminds us that we are indeed “Exactly where we are supposed to be.”

We love everything about our home, and are so thankful for Eleana and the ENVI team!  It’s amazing how every selection of design, furniture, and fabric came together so perfectly, looks beautiful, and is functional.  We look forward to working with them again on a future project and our continued friendship.

Josh and Jamie Cohen

Residential Projects